The Winklevoss twins are optimistic and have high expectations on bitcoin’s performance and future. The recent surge in the valuation of the bitcoin has seen its demand skyrocket. While this is happening, the twins have already seen a future where bitcoin will certainly exceed trillions in its market valuation.winklevoss twins

The transformation the bitcoin has had in the finance industry in terms of store of value globally is enormous.

‘If this trend continues, then the market will surely exceed the trillion dollar mark sooner than later’, they said. This will definitely bring changes to the financial sector.

Winklevoss Twin’s Expectations

Few years back, not many people paid attention to the possibilities bitcoin could have. Currently, its market value of over $225bn has captured the attention of almost everyone. Even though there is a current hitch in its price, its future is bright and all attention will be focused on Bitcoin futures when the contracts are launched this Sunday by the Cboe Global Markets.

While the Winklevoss twins and other enthusiasts have high expectations, other people are pessimistic with the current trend in bitcoin valuation. The pessimists believe that the bitcoin has reached ITS saturation limit unless there are changes in terms of its technology and other issues.

Challenges have been there but unless they are addressed, bitcoin’s future may be uncertain. But so far, many of the problems have not been addressed as many people have been blinded by the recent success of bitcoin.

The twins noted that the other currencies are not the real competition and that gold is the only true competition. Compared to gold which is scarce, bitcoin has great liquidity and is more portable. They also noted that if bitcoin continues to cause disruption in the gold market, it will eventually hit the trillion dollar market valuation.

Bitcoin’s Future seems to be Great

The Winklevoss twin said that this is only the beginning of great things to come. With the currency surpassing the $15,000 mark the past week, there is nothing impossible. The two predict a valuation of $100,000 or more in the near future.  There is no one who surely knows how things will play out but this is something to watch out for.

If and when 10% of the global banking offshore industry is accounted by bitcoin, the $3.2 trillion mark can be exceeded.

In the past, the twins have had fruitful predictions which led to their success. The year 2017 can go down in their history as their most successful year yet.

Judging from what has been happening for the past year, the future of bitcoin seems to be great. Whether or not the market gap will surpass the trillion dollar valuation remains to be seen.


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