Voting Huobi Chain Leader is the sacred responsibility of every community member as it translates to numerous positive results for every Huobi Global user.


What is Huobi Chain?

Huobi Chain is designed to offer organizations and individuals a reliable self-finance infrastructure. Using its framework, it is possible to generate various digital assets and warranties.

Users are also able to notarize and transfer such assets and have them recorded in the form of tokens on the public chain. Built on blockchain technology, the system offers an efficient, secure and transparent operational platform. Operation rules are at the core of the model with financial contracts on the upper layer and public supervision on the outermost layer. Decisions are made collectively by the community so as to strike a balance and ensure inclusivity for all members.


Why You Should Vote

Since this next generation framework is designed to be decentralized and self-regulating, it is crucial that community members participate in the process of voting a Huobi Chain Leader. Among the top merits of having the community participate is that it enforces the role of inclusive finance as the cornerstone of the digital economy. This is in keeping with the democratization model that drives the blockchain ecosystem.

If every individual participates in the voting process, it will be possible to optimize the allocation of resources, empower community members and liberate global wealth for the good of the public. At the same time, by virtue of the consensus model, it will be easier for Huobi Chain to mitigate financial risks. Participation of community members will also lead to the growth and strengthening of the digital asset service platform.

As a bonus, by casting your vote, you will also qualify for an airdrop of tokens which will be up for grabs for all voters. Cast your vote right now by clicking here and selecting your favorite candidate.


Huobi Chain Leader Candidates

Among the top contenders for the position of Huobi Chain leader is Larry Liu, the founder of Genaro. He is currently in the third position with 19,537,849 votes. He is an early adopter of blockchain technology with a background in Artificial Intelligence, computer science and security engineering.

He studied computer science and got a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University in 2013. After working for Hewlett Packard (HP), he decided to focus on blockchain technology, proceeding to co-found Genaro Network in March 2016. The long term objective of the network is to create a global blockchain ecosystem by moving applications from ‘cloud’ to ‘blockchain’.

I move my glow sticks for LARRY LIU FOUNDER OF GENARO. Come to Huobi and help vote!


David Ritter, the CEO of Penta Global Foundation is one of the dark horses in the race. As of the moment, he is sitting in the 78th position with 31,594 votes.

With years of experience as a financial engineer, blockchain expert and global investment fund manager, Ritter is a great believer in blockchain technology. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South California in Financial History. He has frequently been featured as a guest speaker at blockchain events, most recently, Cryptoworld’s Wall Street in New York and the London Tech Week in Shanghai.

I move my glow sticks for DAVID RITTER CEO OF PENTA FOUNDATION. Come to Huobi and help vote!


Vote for Huobi Chain Leader Now!

Remember to cast your vote to make sure that the right leader takes the lead on Huobi Chain and brings the revolutionary vision to fruition. Click here to vote right now.

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