GMO Internet, a web-related business company based in Japan, will commence the payment of salaries employees in Bitcoin starting on February 2018.

This announcement was made by Harumi Ishii, the company’s spokeswoman, when stating the intention of the company in gaining a better understanding of the digital currency.

The Announcement

According to her:

“Employees can receive salaries by bitcoin if they want to…..we hope to improve our own literacy of virtual currency by actually using it.”

GMO internet is a well-known Japanese compant that provides a full spectrum of internet services including finance, online advertising and internet infrastructure. It will start paying its employees of up to 100,000 yen monthly. That is about $890 per employee.

This does not mean that the new policy will be forced on all its employees as each employee will have to choose either to get paid in traditional currency of digital currency.

Initially, the new payment option will be open to around 4000 employees of the company. Then if the response is quite positive and if it works out well, it will be extended to all other employees of the company.

Beneficial Partnership

Come January 2018, the GMO internet group will plunge into the river of “bitcoin mining.” This will be another way of receiving new bitcoins because every miner is usually rewarded with new coins for their contribution in keeping the network secure.

Just how this partnership will turn out is not yet known. But if the current bitcoin price increase is to continuously go up, then the company might just be set for more profits. Just this week, Bitcoin goes for about $17,000.

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