Huobi Global on Wednesday released an iOS app update, version 3.4.7, to enable iPad and iPhone users transact on Huobi Pro more seamlessly.

The update makes five major improvements on the previous app, all of which have a focus on user experience. They are tailored to make your crypto trading experience hassle-free and more effective. You can update your existing app or download the full app via the app store by clicking here.

You will likely agree with me that all of the new features offered by the new version are quite handy. But here are the top three that users would most likely love to use:


HB10 on iOS

One of the most impressive improvements offered by the upgrade is easy access to HB10 on iOS. HB10 or Huobi 10 Index is also referred to as “the weather vane of digital assets”. It is designed to keep track of the top 10 highest performing digital assets. The select coins are assessed based on their market value, liquidity, technological superiority and volume turnover. Compiled using advanced methods such as asset stratification, the index makes it possible to analyze the overall market performance at a glance. Having HB10 on iOS devices therefore means that instead of having to check one digital asset at a time, you will be able to get a single aggregated market feed. In turn, this will make it easier to diversify your portfolio and manage it effectively. At the same time, you will have an easier time keeping track of your trading performance.


Quick Kline Access

Another feature that is sure to add convenience to your trading experience on Huobi Pro is its simplified access to currency data. In order to improve user experience, the updated app makes it easy to access additional data by holding or clicking on any given currency chart. With the new function, you can now get an overview of important currency trends with much greater ease. Some of the details you will get using this feature include the day’s high and low, opening and closing prices, percentage changes as well as executed trade volumes.


Easy Night/Day Mode Switch

For convenience purposes, the iOS app update also incorporates an easy switch option between day and night modes. For users who love to browse the markets at night, this feature is more than just a convenience. The night mode is a protective feature for the eyes as it shields them from light damage. Furthermore, it serves to optimize the browsing experience, keeping you more comfortable no matter what time you choose to trade. The light emitted by smartphone screens in day mode has been shown to disrupt the sleep cycle. So if you wish to take a quick glance at the markets and get back to sleep, it’s much better to do so in the safety of night mode which banishes such light. Switching between the two modes is now a single button-click away and can be accessed under “My” module.


Other equally handy features provided on the updated app include an animated interface offering a more dynamic user experience and an easy swap between HB10 and any of its component coins. To get a first-hand experience with all of these exciting new features, download the Huobi Global app or update your existing version by clicking here.