An ethereum developer, Bhaskar Sharma, has proposed the abstraction of ethereum gas fees so as to allow DApp users to pay transaction fees in the native tokens of the platforms they use instead of ETH.

His proposal, published on Medium, highlights the challenges that new users face when using Decentralized Applications (DApps) on the ethereum platform.

He explains that the current fee, calculated in Gas and paid in ETH, necessitates new users to figure out how ethereum works and also acquire ether tokens so as to make the requisite payment.

This he says poses an unnecessary hurdle for “the adoption of DApps with inbuilt tokens.” In his opinion, it would be in the users’ best interests to simplify the process so that they do not have to be concerned about ethereum while dealing with the applications it supports.


The merits of ERC865

The proposal, ERC865, would in effect eliminate a major challenge that DApps on ethereum have to contend with as they struggle to get widespread adoption.

Instead of having to pay ethereum gas fees and carry out their transactions separately, ERC865 would allow token holders to perform just a single transaction.

A third party would however be required to take the tokens and forward them to the ethereum blockchain in ETH, using cryptographic signatures to secure the process.

Apart from abstracting ethereum gas fees, Sharma goes as far as to suggest that the protocol should incorporate a mechanism for invalidating transactions. And in his opinion, there should also be “a time bound optional condition in the transaction so that the transaction becomes invalid after specified point of time.”

This he says would have the advantage of automatically revoking a transaction after the stipulated time elapses, without the need to evoke the transaction invalidation mechanism clause.

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