Friday, January 25, 2019

A murky road ahead for the ICO sector

Just like the digital currency industry, the ICO sector is facing its fair share of early adoption challenges such as compliance and security hurdles, as well as unpredictable market fluctuations.

Glaring omissions in failed ICOs report

A recent report on failed ICOs sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency community when it revealed that almost half of the ICOs held last year have already failed. But a closer look at pertinent details reduces the perceived implications of the report.

South Korea may lift ICO ban

Breaking News: South Korea May Lift ICO Ban. In a reversal of misfortunes, South Korea may lift ICO ban. This will allow ICOs and crypto exchanges to operate in a regulated environment in South Korea.

Wyoming lawmakers say cryptocurrency tokens exempted from securities laws

e Wyoming Senate and House legislators have passed a bill for the exemption of cryptocurrency tokens from securities regulations in cases where they are used as utility tokens rather than investment tools.

Why Telegram ICO might be a legal landmark

The Telegram ICO is set to one of the biggest ones yet and might just set precedence for future blockchain projects that wish to conduct similar fund raisers yet remain on the safe side of the law.

Telegram Reportedly Holding Second “Secret” ICO Pre-Sale

Telegram, which already raised $850 million during an ICO pre-sale, is reportedly holding a second pre-sale for its highly controversial blockchain network project.

Canadian regulator urges Google to ban ICO ads

An investigator at the Manitoba Securities Commission in Canada has suggested that Google to ban ICO ads and take a similar approach to Facebook...

On the Race to ICO Regulation

Initial coin offering or ICO is  meant to raise funds for cryptocurrency startups.  It is some sort of crowd funding or IPOs. This helped...

2018 to usher massive ICO growth

This year alone has seen over 200 startup firms raise more than $3.2 Billion worldwide through ICOs. The funds raised are more than the...

Kickstarter and Indiegogo’s contrasting views on ICOs

Indiegogo announced yesterday that it will venture into the ICO market. This news was received by skepticism from its archrival Kickstarter.The two crowd funding...