Which Blockchain is the best?

Which Blockchain is best

Which Blockchain is the best?

Every blockchain has its advantages and disadvantages. This would mean that the best one for any individual is the one that best suits your desired use. There are as many different types as there are market needs and more of them are created on daily basis.

The oldest blockchain is of course that of bitcoin. As a result of being an early riser, it has quite a number of advantages over other models. It is a public network allowing everyone who wishes to join the network.

It has the highest market capitalization and its token is the most valuable in the crypto market. The network also has high liquidity and offers a reasonable level of security for those running applications on the platform.

The ethereum blockchain is the second most popular in the market. It is highly famed for its smart contract feature that has seen the creation of numerous ICOs on the platform. These are automated contracts that facilitate transactions based on prespecified conditions.