Asset service provider, BitPay, has implemented an upgrade to its system and will now offer bitcoin cash support for payments at brick-and-mortar outlets.

For many years, BitPay has only offered such payment services for bitcoin only. Stephen Pair, the company’s co-founder last year said that there was no other digital coin that seemed compelling enough to feature on the platform as an alternative to bitcoin.

Restaurants and retail businesses have enjoyed the provision since November 2014 in Atlanta, Paris, St. Petersburg, Toronto and Madeira Beach. It is integrated with companies like BitMonet, Shopify and #D Cart, and charges a processing fee of 1%.


An Exception to the Rule

Following the launch of BCH in August, 2017, BitPay allowed its members to use the platform’s open source wallet, Copay to store and transact in bitcoin cash.

The latest update does not only add the option of BCH payments but also simplifies the blockchain payment process using an improved app design.

Customers simply need to select their preferred currency, choose whether they would like to offer a tip and scan the checkout QR code using their mobile device.

“Payments take just a swipe or a tap, and the receiving merchant gets a local currency bank settlement within one business day,” BitPay wrote.

Barely a month ago, the service provided added BCH to the platform’s online payments option. This made headlines as BCH became the first altcoin ever to be included by the company.

The announcement highlighted the fact that even the smallest merchants could enjoy BCH integration because “Bitcoin Cash costs only pennies (or less) for customers to send” and thus makes sense even for small transactions.

BitPay’s decision to add bitcoin cash support to its retail store payment services coincides with an increment in its price, though the overall market trend is also positive at the moment.

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