Bither Cash coin is the new altcoin aiming to streamline cryptocurrency mode of money transfers and facilitate an efficient way of doing it.

It is based on the bitcoin core with an additional feature that seems to gauge proof-of-work and proof-of-stake. This hybrid system increases it is adaptability that is not present in many other common crypto currencies.

Bither Cash as a secure lending platform

Bithe Cash’s  endearing feature ensures increased security to this currency including a three-prong security in place in its blockchain where the entire blockchain is encrypted. User accounts are also masked using pseudo names preventing further any chance of attack.

The Bither Cash platform is decentralized which ensures the protection of information completely overcoming chances of brute force attacks that has plagued centralized systems. The ledger holding the transaction blocks is synchronized from all ends. Thus, it ensures 100% complete security.

The blockchain is designed to streamline payment processing and peer-to-peer remittance and make such transaction secure and easier to the increase the level of confidence of its users.

It also provides a chance for investors to make money by trading bither cash with other existing coins. Additionally, they can make money by holding bithercash waiting for its appreciation and trade when the value is right for them

The uniqueness of bither cash will most definitely make it standout against a crowded market of altcoins with new ones being introduced.  You can buy the bithercash coins at discounted prices during the ICO as they have announced a 45-day ico starting from 5th December 2017.

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