Three San Francisco college students have joined the bandwagon of bitcoin Lightning Network main net users by launching an ice cream delivery service that will run entirely on this innovation.

Anticipation for the bitcoin Lightning Network launch has in the recent past been giving way to impatience with more enthusiasts flocking to the network in spite of developer warnings. Block and Jerry’s ice cream delivery service is one of the latest additions.

According to the founders behind the project, Block and Jerry’s aims to push forward the innovation which has yet to be implemented in the mainstream despite years of conceptualizing and testing.

“We think this is a motivating factor to jump into bitcoin and start playing around with the Lightning Network and getting to understand it,” says Rob Durst, one of the co-founders.


Adding to a Popular Trend

In so doing, the delivery service adds its name to a growing list of businesses that have chosen to connect to the Bitcoin Lightning network. This network was conceived with the objective of addressing the scaling issues that define the current bitcoin network.

The innovation is a system that would run on bitcoin to allow for fast transactions at much lower rates on the network than is currently the case. It moves these transactions off the main chain thus decongesting the network to allow for more widespread adoption.

It has already grown to comprise more than 1000 nodes in spite of still being in the testing stages. The excitement is easy to understand as the technology offers almost instant transactions at very low fees, a significant contrast to the current bitcoin network.


Controversy on the Implementation

Some enthusiasts are convinced that making real life application of it will speed up the adoption process of transitioning bitcoin to the new technology. But developers working on it are of a different opinion.

Lightning Labs CEO, Elizabeth Stark explains that there are only 10 developers working on the project and implementing the unfinished product is becoming an “unnecessary distraction” for them.

One of the problems the developers highlight is that with its implementation before it is completed, then there has to be backward compatibility on the final version so as to integrate with the versions currently in use.

But the criticism is not unanimous as other developers highlight the fact that the main net testing implemented by businesses using the innovation has helped to uncover bugs.

The Block and Jerry’s project as well as the others on the new platform basically want to offer the benefits of the innovation to bitcoin users and get more people to join the crypto craze.

“Basically, we’re just a household of guys who are interested in cryptocurrency and creating web applications for people,” explains Jeff Tang, a developer on the ice cream business project. The team goes as far as devising a guide for new users looking to transact on the network.

Durst breaks it down,

We really are in the process of creating a very straightforward experience. I want to buy ice cream, I’m not the most experienced bitcoin user or even computer user; how can I jump in?’”

In spite of the controversy behind bitcoin Lightning Network implementation, the Block and Jerry’s team believes that more interaction with the technology will lead to more contribution to its development.

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