In one of the most surprising news, many early bitcoin investors are now having a hard time bypassing the intricate security codes needed to access their bitcoin accounts, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Unlike a bank account, bitcoin has no centralized body, so there is no hotline or help desk to call for password retrievals. But does that mean that all hope is lost for the many untapped bounties stuck inside the wallets that can’t be accessed? Will these early bitcoin investors really lose their fortunes?

Hypnosis to the Rescue

A hypnotist in South Carolina has begun offering to help those who have forgotten their passwords or misplaced their storage devices. He is using this to help desperate investors gain access to their memories in order to help them remember their e-wallet passwords.

To describe the technique a little, the hypnotist will manage to bring the person into an altered consciousness state where he can recall vaguely certain information, according to Veronika Marymur, a bitcoin hypnotist.

The hypnotist, Jason Miller, charges one bitcoin with an additional 5% of the amount that is recovered. However, he claims that this rate is flexible.


Marymur reports that on an average only 50%of clients have managed to actually recall their passwords at the end of a session. It is safe to conclude that this particular method is not able to help everyone.

Maybe Miller will really provide a way out or not, It’s probably best to make sure the password is stored somewhere safe and retrievable, at least to one other person.




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