Quality over quantity they say.

A group of developers launched their own ERC20 Tokens, just to make a difference.

It’s called Athenian Warrior Token, launched on 20 of July 2017, this coin went unnoticed until recently when a group of investors picked it up on Cryptopia exchange.

Right now at $682 per coin, it sounds unrealistic to invest for most. But fortunately, Athenian Warrior Token is sold much like Bitcoin; in small decimal-based increments. So obtaining this altcoin is not as unrealistic as it appears. Moreover, the long-term growth potential and the crypto safe haven it represents is currently being over looked by investors.

ATH has a very limited supply of only 100 coins in circulation. This makes it the rarest token ever released, but at the time of writing this, still only trades at 682 USD. In the recent days hit enough volume to be listed on Coinmarketcap according to their requirements which is a huge step forward for the coin and its developers!

We have all seen rare coins before reaching over 1000 bitcoins a piece, just think about the good old 42 Coin, which really made a point. In its first week of existence, with only 42 coins in circulation the price skyrocketed to over 1900 Bitcoins!  We can see that totally happening with Athenian Warrior Token.

Investment is not good enough for you to support a token? You have to check out their battle contract, where you can fight against Spartans, Persians and other legendary warrior teams, earn some of their tokens and more. This is a very new concept, worth a read.

All in all, I am bullish in the short term and DEFINTELY in the long term on Athenian Warrior Token. The growth potential for this coin could surpass the imaginations of many investors. The very small coin circulation and demand could make this coin reach heights that are very much unanticipated to those not paying attention to this profitable play.