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CryptoNewsMagnet’s mission is to bring accurate and transparent news on bitcoin, ethereum, altcoin and ICO to fellow enthusiasts. In addition to providing industry news and insight, we also offer guides that are deemed pivotal in a beginner’s understanding of the cryptocurrency industry.

Who we are:

We are a team of avid crypto enthusiasts and independent analysts specializing on cryptocurrency and blockchain news. Our primary goal is to provide timely cryptocurrency news to the crypo community as well as become a valuable resource to those looking to get started and keep up in this fast paced crypto sector.

We aim to provide objective fundamental analysis, news and research on bitcoin, ethereum, altcoin and ICOs.

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Beryl Achieng'Beryl Achieng' (180)

Beryl is a passionate writer who is fascinated by blockchain technology. She has a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics and Communication. When she's not busy catching up on the latest crypto trends you'll find her in the kitchen trying out a new dinner recipe. Contact her at [email protected]

Michael AdeyanjuMichael Adeyanju (30)

My name is Michael, a writer and crypto analyst. I am a regular crypto news writer at various cryptocurrency sites. You can contact me at [email protected]

Richa ChaturvediRicha Chaturvedi (16)

Richa is a budding author, biotechnologist and bookworm with a newfound interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. She's always going somewhere in search of good food and an incredible travel experience! Contact her at [email protected]

Tejas SubrahmanyaTejas Subrahmanya (5)

As a seasoned writer with 16 years of experience, Tejas Subrahmanya has shown keen interest in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency space, seeking to know more about the future of this technology. In addition, he is also learning the tricks of trading in cryptocurrencies with the intention of holding altcoins. With a fair understanding of SEO, he brings in versatility into his writing, ensuring that the articles are readable and easily understandable. Contact him at [email protected]