Saturday, January 26, 2019

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is bitcoin on its last legs

Is bitcoin on its last legs?

Throughout most of July 2019, Bitcoin has been on a price bull run. A Forbes report revealed how its climbed from roughly $6,300 (HK$49,449.08) to around $8,400 (HK $65,932.86) in just a couple of weeks on trading platforms like the bitcoin evolution software


Sacramento Kings to Start Ethereum Mining for Charity

Sacramento Kings to Start Ethereum Mining for Charity

Basketball team Sacramento Kings is working together with a crypto mining hardware company to set up ethereum mining operations so as to fund a multi-year scholarship program.
Ethereum ecosystem biggest gainer from latest USDT printing

Ethereum ecosystem biggest gainer from latest USDT printing

Following the recent printing of 250 million new Tether (USDT) tokens, 30% of all USDT tokens are at the moment flowing into the ethereum ecosystem.


After making Huobi’s ecosystem massive, what’s next for Huobi?

Livio Weng recently joined the Huobi Global team as the new Vice President of operations. He comes with considerable work experience in the financial technology sector, peer-to-peer lending and social networking.
How Huobi OTC Has Revolutionized my Crypto Trading Journey

How Huobi OTC Has Revolutionized my Crypto Trading Journey

I was sailing in the same boat a short while back, before I discovered Huobi OTC, a peer to peer platform created by Huobi Global.
Huobi Ecological Zone

How to Long the Your Favorite Crypto Asset with Huobi Global

In spite of the bearish sentiment surrounding the crypto market currently, you could take advantage of the opportunity to make a profit by longing with Huobi just like I did!
WONO – Riding the Sharing Economy Wave on the Blockchain

WONO – Riding the Sharing Economy Wave on the Blockchain

WONO is a decentralized platform which seeks to address the key problems of the peer-to-peer sharing economy. A new wave of P2P businesses is sweeping over global markets, creating an on-demand economy set to disrupt the traditional business model.

ICO News

Binance Labs head wants the ICO bubble to burst

A Look At The Most Popular Bitcoin Exchanges

Searching for the best bitcoin exchange to buy, sell & trade Bitcoin? Whether you're a beginner looking for a simple answer or an advanced user, Kryptoszene can help.
Vietnamese crypto company pulls ICO exit scam

Vietnamese crypto company pulls ICO exit scam

The team behind a Vietnamese company, Modern Tech, has pulled an ICO exit scam after raising $660 million in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). About 32,000 victims had invested in the platform’s Pincoin token.

Bitcoin remittance companies disrupting Asian money transfer market

Bitcoin remittance companies are restructuring the Asian money transfer market by offering a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to the traditional model.

Bitcoin value struggles amid crypto market slump

After a relatively stable week for the crypto market, bitcoin value has remained below the $8,500 mark. The coin which is currently valued at $8,155 according to Coinmarketcap has recorded a drop of 4% over the past 24 hours.

How to mine IOTA?

Can IOTA be mined? How to mine IOTA? IOTA cannot be mined by users because all information and resources required for its creation were created at the very beginning, while developing the platform.


5 key reasons why venture capital firms join HADAX Super Nodes

HADAX Super Nodes refer to reputable professional investment organizations which assist in the voting process. They do so by making expert analyses of projects that express interest in getting listed on HADAX.

Bitcoin price crash takes a breather after avalanche of bad news

The most recent bitcoin price crash seems to be taking a breather as the coin has made it back up above the $8,000 threshold. It is currently trading at $8,051 as at press time according to CoinMarketCap.

Feeling Crypto-fascinated? Here’s How to Buy Bitcoins!

Due to its skyrocketing market value and the confidentiality factor, more people are interested in buying Bitcoins. Does that spark an idea? Here’s how to buy Bitcoins in 5 simple steps.

Ethereum price hits $752

In tandem with bitcoin prices, the price of ethereum is still soaring high.This has been one great week for crypto enthusiasts as there has been...

Meet Ben, a chatbot built to demystify the crypto market

One of the latest arrivals on the crypto market is Ben, a chatbot who gives users basic cryptocurrency lessons, access to news and the opportunity to buy and sell bitcoin with ease.

How to store Bitcoin?

How to store Bitcoin? Once bought, you can store Bitcoins in a wallet. Unlike bank accounts, wallets hold a private key that lets you access your public key for Blockchain (which is your Bitcoin address). They’re designed to look like Bitcoins are actually present in the wallet.

$200 in sight as Litecoin approaches milestone price

Just when the crypto market is recovering from the Bitcoin drama these past few days, Litecoin is gearing up toward a massive price surge. Barely...

Is it time to cash out Bitcoin?

Bitcoin investors woke up to a very surprising news 2 days ago.  All talks have been about the dramatic crash of the digital currency to...

First Huobi buyback announced today

The first ever Huobi buyback has been announced today. This follows the launch of the Huobi User Protection Fund that took place in the beginning of the year.